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Jack of all trades, master of none. People say I’m OCD, I say I’m meticulous. My brother always tells me that I have a short fuse, I say I like things done my way. I love mingling, but it pisses my wife off that I talk to total strangers. Endlessly searching for adventure or I shall say, livin’ on the edge. I enjoy a great meal in good company. Kill me, but I just don’t understand vegans, they’re missing out on sooooooooooo much. I hate ketchup and despise mayo. I am very annoyed when people order a Frappuccino with soy milk, low fat whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate topping, THIS IS NOT COFFEE!!! I never understood why someone would walk their dog in a stroller, doesn’t the dog have legs??? I have no clue who Drake is, and I don’t care! Instagram looks cool, but I’m not there yet. I work endless hours, but always find time to give back. Life is short so I travel the world to collect memories and broaden my horizons.


My name is Sam, co owner of Lola Jeans. I’m the opposite of my brother and partner David. He is loud, and I am quiet and reserved. But once I break out of my shell, I become your bestie. I see good in everyone. You can hit me, and I will hug you. You can kick me, and I will show you more LOVE. I believe that if you show love, love will come back to you. I save all spiders I catch at home. Yes, I pick them up and give them another chance by placing them outside, making sure I don’t hurt them…. My wife thinks I’m nuts. I’m obsessed with beer, West Coast IPA being my beer of choice. I love to travel the world and make it a point to taste all local beers. While my body shape does not show it, I ran over 100 half marathons. I work to live and enjoy my beautiful family. I love my wife more and more everyday and happy to say it out loud!!!!!


Everyone calls me Anthony, but my real Armenian name is Antranik. I am the official shipper at Lola Jeans. At home, I am the proud father of two little boys and husband to my lovely wife. Love sports, but my favorite is definitely soccer especially the Barcelona team. I spend most of my time with my boys. We love to bike, hike and read together. I enjoy a good meal from my wife and love having friends over for a dinner party. My pet peeve is people who leave their shoes on in my house, can’t stand it! People who know me well would say I am hardworking, a great father and sometimes stubborn, lol that’s me!


I love to look at life creatively but have been told that I over analyze everything because good films & books tend to be all-encompassing and great music makes me cry. I also LOVE good food & wine - so much so that after having completed my studies in fine arts & graphic design and working towards establishing a career in the fashion industry, I sometimes think I should have become a professional chef (I star in an imaginary - albeit successful - cooking show, now in its eighth season). I appreciate good conversation and welcome challenges that help me to grow, you'll certainly find passion in all I choose to endeavor!