How To Refresh Your Denim Collection

Spring is one of our favorite seasons for so many reasons, but at the top of our list is the focus on closet cleaning and reorganizing. With the changing of the seasons, spring allows us the opportunity to decide what items we want to keep and identify the pieces that might be better worn and loved by someone else. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide to refreshing your wardrobe with a focus on all things denim.

Get Familiar With What is In Your Wardrobe

After a long winter, it is always a good idea to refresh your memory and take a good look at all the styles you have. Empty your closet and drawers and try things on. Ask yourself how you would style them. Do you have what you need to complete the look? This is the first step in determining what you need to donate and what styles you might be missing. Do you only have one pair of jeans that you would actually wear every day? It is always a good idea to have at least two or three styles that you feel great about wearing on a daily basis. Add a fun pair for those days when you feel like a low-rise baggy fit is exactly what you need. Make sure everything you have in the closet is adding ease and excitement to your dressing routine. If it’s not, it is okay to donate it to someone else. 

Find Out What is Missing

Once you have everything in your closet that you are keeping for the upcoming season, it is time to identify what you may be missing that could really help you build out that perfect denim collection. Jeans are incredibly versatile and there are endless style options that offer either a more casual day-to-day look or a more elevated look depending on the occasion. The perfect denim collection has a few styles that each have its own purpose. It has the pair you reach for when running errands and grabbing coffee on the weekends. It also includes a more elevated pair to wear to dinner or a more upscale event. The most important part is determining which styles make you feel both confident and comfortable. Determine what styles you are missing from your spring and summer wardrobe to streamline your shopping experience.

Shop the Styles You’re Eyeing 

Now it is time to shop! In our opinion, this is the best part. We understand that shopping can be daunting, especially when it comes to denim. That is why we have pulled five of our must-have Lola spring styles categorized by occasion just for you. 

For Daily Wear 
Denver High Rise Straight Jeans - Dim Sky 

This is a style you will reach for every day. It is comfortable, perfect with sneakers, and can be worn to any event, whether it is a day in the office, running an errand, or an afternoon spent shopping.

For Days When You Need to Switch It Up 
Alexa High Rise Skinny Jean - Washed Black 

This style is incredibly versatile and is great to wear on days when you want something other than a classic blue jean. Because of the wash, these can have a more “grungy” feel. To complete the look, opt for your favorite vintage tee, or for a softer, more romantic look, choose a blousy top to balance out the shape and style of the pant. 

For Spring & Summer
Milan Ultra-High Rise Wide Leg Cropped Fit- White 

Finding a pair of white jeans that you love can be a challenge. Often, the fabric can be too thin or offer more stretch than you were hoping for. These white jeans have passed the test, and they are our go-to for summer. During the warmer months you can pair these with anything you would wear with your normal blue jeans, or for an elevated look pair them with a white blouse for a cool monochromatic style. 

Fashion Forward & Fun 
Baker High Rise Crossover Jeans - Luster 

These jeans are super on trend right now and we can’t get enough. Add something different to your wardrobe and your classic denim collection and give these crossover jeans a front-row seat.

To Dress Up
Denver High Rise Wide Leg Jeans Longer Fit- Dark Rinse Blue 

This is that pair you grab when you know you need to elevate your look but you don’t want to wear a true business pant. Dress them up with a pair of heels or a boot.

Always remember, your closet should reflect your personal style and compliment your lifestyle. Shop according to your values and your style preferences. Choose pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable. When you shop with these things in mind, you will be well on your way to cultivating a timeless wardrobe that effortlessly carries you from season to season. If you ever have questions about fit or a style, our team is available to help you find the perfect fit. Click here to get in touch.

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