5 Ways to Build an Eco-Ethical Wardrobe in 2022

Each New Year presents us with the opportunity to make meaningful changes to our lifestyle; changes that make a difference not only in our personal lives but have a deeper impact on the world around us. At Lola Jeans, we are committed to creating ethically-made denim that is comfortable, affordable and built to last. We want our denim to stay with you for the years to come and serve as the foundation for an eco-ethical wardrobe that will cater to your lifestyle. While there are hundreds of ways that you can cultivate a more sustainable wardrobe, we have created a list of five that you can use to join the movement in 2022.

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Adopt the “Less is More” Mentality

This mentality will serve as a guide to you as you build a more sustainable wardrobe. Fast fashion has changed how we perceive shopping and more importantly, our personal style. It has taught us that everything is disposable without considering the implications. The age of fast fashion has taught us that we can buy more at a lower cost, filling our overflowing closets with more and more low-quality pieces that will hardly last a season. 

Change your mindset and embrace the idea that spending more on a higher quality piece of clothing is one very big step in the right direction. Rather than buying a new pair of lower-quality jeans every few months, purchase a few high-quality styles that will carry you from season to season. 

Build a Wardrobe That Transcends Season


Cultivate a wardrobe that can effortlessly carry you from warm summer days to chilly winter nights. It is a practice that will have a monumental impact on your style journey and sustainability focus. While there will be particular pieces, like coats and shorts that are reserved for their own season, cultivating a collection of quality basics that you can build upon, no matter the season, is one of the best ways you can build an eco-ethical wardrobe. 

A great place to start is with your jeans. They are staples that will be worn in every season, so invest in quality styles that are built to last. Make sure you have buildable layering pieces that can be worn all year long. Staples like basic tees, tanks, and button-downs in solid colors will lay the foundation for a buildable capsule wardrobe. Who ever gets tired of a quality, basic black tee? Definitely not us.

Change Your Laundry Habits

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

 Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Jeans don’t need to be washed as frequently as you might think. At Lola Jeans, we recommend at least 10 wears before you wash. Unless there is visible dirt, consider waiting a little longer between washes. Wear and tear isn’t something that only happens while you are running errands. The most aggressive form of wear and tear happens in your laundry room. While it certainly happens during the wash cycle, putting your jeans in the dryer might be one of the worst things you can do if you are looking to expand the life cycle of your wardrobe. Over time, drying your jeans can lead to shrinkage and damage to the natural fibers. 

Consider the positive impact you will have when you only wash what is necessary. You will be conserving water and electricity, furthering the creation of your eco-friendly wardrobe; not to mention saving on your monthly utility bills.

Shop Timeless Styles

With each season comes new trends and new opportunities to add to your wardrobe. To stay true to your focus on sustainability, really consider the impact of each purchase. When you shop overly trendy pieces that are seasonal specific, you are setting yourself up to build a busy wardrobe that doesn’t see much practical wear. Here are a few questions we suggest asking yourself when you are contemplating adding something new to your closet.

  1. How often will I wear this?
  2. What will I wear it with?
  3. Do I already have something similar?
  4. Is this a trend that is going to last?
  5. Will I still want to wear this a year from now? What about 5 years from now?

Having this inner dialogue before investing in a new piece is a great way to ensure that you are shopping in alignment with your values. At Lola Jeans, we recommend shopping a balance of timeless basics and current trends that are true to you and your style.  Quality apparel deserves to be worn, so invest in pieces that you are excited about and can see yourself wearing time and time again. 

Care for What You Wear

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Things break. Stitches come loose. You might even find a tear in your clothing every once in a blue moon. Learn to care for your clothing. Whether it is a piece you spent hundreds of dollars on or your favorite button-down from a more budget-friendly brand if you love wearing it, care for it. Not only will it increase the lifespan of your wardrobe, but it keeps perfectly good clothing out of landfills and in your closet. 

Maybe it means you pick up a new skill and learn to sew. If that isn’t an interest for you, it allows you to support a local business and find a tailor who can help you preserve and protect the pieces you love and value. 

Choosing an ethical and environmentally friendly wardrobe is not an easy task, but the good news is, you don’t have to do it all at once. Often, a good place to start is by taking stock of your closet and donating things that haven’t seen wear in a long time. Be sure to give yourself the time and space to make meaningful changes that make you proud of how far you have come. 


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