Sustainable Style Guide: 2023 Edition

Denim never goes out of style, which is why investing in a great pair of jeans is one of the smartest and easiest ways to shop sustainably. Buy something you love and wear it every year, in every season until they are ready to be handed down to someone else. Your jeans will always be in season, but here are a few ways to make your favorite pair feel relevant with this year’s latest trends. With the help of a few other brands, we have created a Sustainable Style Guide: 2023 Edition to inspire you to shop with purpose this year.

Oversized Everything 

The best oversized denim and sweaters for winter and spring

We love this trend because it means we are certain to feel comfortable all day long. Starting off with our Milan High Rise Wide Leg Jeans in Blue Mist, we are adding this Oversized Sweater from Christy Dawn and finishing it off with a great pair of heeled loafers by Vagabond. This look is easy to wear and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Investing in pieces that are sure to pair well with your current wardrobe selection of pants, tops, and shoes is a great way to keep your mornings simple and your looks elevated and collected. These pieces will keep you in style and comfortable for seasons to come. 

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Oversized Sweater 

Military Inspired 

Military inspired looks for 2023

Another 2023 trend that is making a reappearance is military-inspired outfits. Boxier jackets and coats with larger pockets, cargo-style pants, and certain color tones are on their way into this year’s style scene. Our Nili Utility Jacket in Dark Khaki is exactly where we are starting when shopping this trend. Pair it with your favorite vintage tee or classic white v neck for a timeless look. To get that military boot style, we are grabbing this chunky rain boot from Everlane, because it’s so practical and comes in many colors to choose from. Finally when looking for an accessory with a more “military” aesthetic, the Delilah Belt Bag from Able is multi-functional, chic, and easy to wear. All of these items can be styled to align with what will come next year, and of course the years to follow as trends cycle through. It’s no secret that rain boots and olive green will always be in our closets! 

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Rain Boot 
Belt Bag
*Pair it with your favorite Lola Jeans 

Cowboy Cool 

Western inspired clothing for 2023 women's style trends

This is one of those trends that is hard to say no to. You don’t have to buy pieces you will only wear once to achieve the look. Start off with a classic denim piece to go for that more western look. Our pick is of course the Gabriella Classic Denim Jacket in Cool Starry Night. So easy to wear, and about as timeless as ever, this is the perfect pick. Buy it a few sizes larger to get that oversized look that is on trend, or keep it fitted if that feels more aligned with your own personal style. For boots, we chose this western style from Alohas. These Ranch Black Leather boots are cool in that cowboy sort of way but aren’t so much so that you wouldn’t be able to wear them next year and the following one. Finish off this look with your favorite pair of Lola Jeans and a perfect white tee from Lake Jane Studio. If you are looking to lean into the cowboy-chic look, try a hat from Janessa Leone. We are loving the Montana Hat for this look. 

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Denim Jacket
White Tee

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